Days of Remembrance

This past week came and week extremely quickly, but I know I won’t ever forget it! The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has their annual Days of Remembrance event this past week (DOR as we fondly call it). The past week marks the week that the Nazi Concentration camps were liberated by US soldiers, this week was particularly important because it marks the 65th anniversary of the Liberation. To go along with this historic event, this year’s DOR was all about the liberators. The events began on Tuesday with an extremely moving photo shoot of the hundreds of liberators who joined us from around the country in the front of the museum where the flags of their military divisions are placed. Needless to say it was very emotional for some, and extremely joyous for others, proud and yet still scared by what they had seen and done. Wednesday was the day I was most excited about! The development department’s big moment had arrived full of luncheons, teas, and awards ceremonies. I helped with the Legacy of Light Tea (which is part of Planned Giving) and awarded about 15 new planned giving donors, one of whom just donated $10 million!!! Could you imagine having that kind of money! I hope to one day be able to give that kind of money to an organization I am so passionate about. WOW! Anyway, following the tea I had to run over to the Omni Shorem in Adams Morgan to help set up for the USHMM Tribute Dinner. There were roughly 1000 people in attendance, Eric Holder was the speaker, and the food was phenomenal. Senator Joe Lieberman patted me on the shoulder as I handed him his place card and showed him his seat, and Wolf Blitzer walked right by me (he is taller than he looks on TV). It was awesome. There were some other cool people there, congressmen, ambassadors, all the liberators, survivors, etc. Thursday morning was even cooler though, I hoped on the bus with the museum council (the board) and rode over to the Capital for the final ceremony. General David Petraeus spoke and I cried at least twice. The ceremony was so moving, liberators were brought to tears, the music of Schindler’s List playing in the background…I’m sure you can imagine what that was all like. But, being in the Capital Rotunda for such an awesome moment. It was unreal. I’m so happy I got to be a part of it, who knows if i will ever get to experience it again. If you ever get the chance to intern at the USHMM, do it in the spring. You won’t be sorry!!

The event was even on World News Tonight!!!!