All Roads Lead to an Internship

So besides interning at NatGeo, babysitting and going to class, throughout college I’ve been active in a sorority, Alpha Epsilon Phi. I know Greek life is a touchy subject at plenty of schools including AU, but besides the fact that I have had so many great experiences with AEPhi, I promise that this post is really about career advice.

Using a sorority, or any other type of academic or non-academic group you’re affiliated with, is a great way to find networking opportunities. Just the other day, an e-mail went out over our listserve from an alumnae who is looking to fill 5 awesomely salaried entry-level jobs in DC. Also, the relationships my sisters or I have made have really benefited future AEPhi’s. I’ve had a ton of internship offers, a job interview and endless babysitting jobs from older girls in my sorority. Even right now at my internship at National Geographic, my boss asked me to find people to submit resumes for my same internship for the summer and she ended up hiring a sister of mine.

So, as my title says, all roads lead to an internship… or job… or something. Use whatever relationships you have, or even those of someone you know, and it will get you somewhere awesome.