So Long, Fairwell, Auf Wiedersehen…


I’m not a big fan of goodbyes, especially when it is with people that I genuinely like. Luckily, or not so luckily, I’ve never liked saying goodbye to my bosses/co-workers. Between my 3 internships, 1 summer job and numerous babysitting gigs, I have worked with some awesome people.

National Geographic is no exception. I have absolutely loved being here, doing the work I do and meeting the people I’ve met. My boss has been a mom, a friend and a supervisor to me, and I feel like I’ve made a little family for myself in our department. While I’m excited for graduation, a new apartment and a new job, I’ll be sad that I won’t be surrounded by these people anymore. But alas, such is life.

Awhile back, I blogged about the importance of saying thank you. Now, as I peace out of this blog, I just want to reemphasize how important it is. When you leave an employer or an interview and the last memory they have of you is your graciousness, you’ll be in a good place.