Final Speaker Series

Today at FDD we had our final speaker series which was from one of our own employees who I have written about before, Ambassador Richard Carlson. He took a different approach in his talk so instead of talking about his specific careers, he decided to tell us anecdotal stories that had to do with the benefits of being an intern. He started by talking about his first internship at the LA Times newspaper as the editors copy boy. He thought this was valuable information for us to know that he came from humble beginnings and also that no matter where you are working you can come across really incredible experiences.  He spoke particularly about the people he met there, one being a young man he befriended who he later went on to make a documentary with.  This friend’s father also happened to be very involved in politics in California, and invited Ambassador Carlson to dine with them on Christmas eve one year, where he rubbed shoulders with stars of the time such as Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Stewart.  Various other careers taught him valuable lessons in each: a police officer in Ocean City, MD one summer, loan officer at San Diego Federal Bank, and even a reporter for ABC where he earned Emmy’s for his investigations.  Although his stories were all over the place, his main point was to take advantage of every opportunity, every internship or job and every person you meet to the fullest.  Get everything you can out of every experience.  He ended with a story about his wife’s uncle, who happens to be Bill Fulbright (of the Fulbright scholarships) who was actually the one to speak on his behalf for his Senate confirmation hearing when he became an ambassador.  His advice was great and his life is really incredible, it was great motivation to go out there and jump on every opportunity that comes my way!