The end!!

Well, what a semester!! I have to say what everyone else says…but where did the time go?? One of the best experiences this semester was definitely my internship at FDD. I learned so much about the Middle East, Israel and just in general about the way non-profits run. FDD was a very organized and efficient organization which was beneficial for me to work for them just because I got the most out of the experience. I know there is controversy about “unpaid” interns, but I never felt like I was getting taken advantage of at FDD, but I do know people who were unpaid, getting no credit, but did way too much for the organization, so beware of places like this! What I think I will take out of this whole experience is probably the fact that the people I met were so dedicated to their jobs and each had so much to contribute to the organization. I know I can get a great reference and always have contacts at FDD, which is so valuable to me at this point in my life. I think I also learned things about myself, like the fact that I want to work for another non-profit like this one because the employees were completely dedicated and passionate about their jobs, and I knew they wouldn’t be there if they weren’t. This is definitely the type of place and people that I want to be around in terms of my career path. So thanks everyone for taking interest in my internship and this blog, and I hope some things may come of value for your future internship journey!!!