The USHMM is looking for a new Planned Giving intern for the summer!! If you are interested you can contact me for more information at Based on everything I have told you all in my blogs, I hope you have a little idea of what the internship entails, but just in case I will give you a brief run down.

Interest in Development is highly desired, an interest in Planned Giving is preferred, but not completely necessary. Knowledge of excel and data entry a must. Ability to affectively communicate and work well with others is ideal. Also, not a bad idea to have a sense of humor…but not so much that you don’t get any work done!! Being able to work with a team is essential!

Tasks: data entry, enhancing donor information, typical jobs like filing, mailing, copying that come with every job regardless of employment status.

If you are interested, I will put you in touch with the right people!!!!