What’s Next?!

This afternoon  the Planned Giving staff at the Holocaust Museum took me out to lunch to thank me for my hard work this semester. It was so thoughtful of them and really generous. We went to Eli’s in Dupont Circle (the only kosher restaurant in DC). Now, I’m not kosher at all, but I can’t resist a yummy corned beef sandwich. And it was GOOOOD!!!! Also, if you like onion rings, Eli’s makes some pretty good ones (20th and N). Anyway, I really enjoyed lunch today with the whole gang. We talked about my experience in the department, and the museum as a whole, including the internship program at the museum. If you are interested in ever applying, I’m including the link! They asked me about my summer plans, which include a trip home to NY and my cousin’s wedding, along with a summer Grant Writing class. All in all though, it was nice to see them out of the office setting and see that they really do all get along and work well together. Sometimes I wonder if people are actually friends in “real life”, and I honestly think these people are. It was really nice to see. Anyway, a special treat to have lunch with them all, and I think I really might miss them a little bit. I’m going to have to go and visit!!

Intern at the USHMM: http://www.ushmm.org/museum/volunteer_intern/intern/

So, what’s next for me you ask??? Well, starting on June 1st, I will be interning at Americans for the Arts in their Development/Leadership Alliances department. I’m really excited about this new internship and am looking forward to seeing a different side of development in a completely different setting. Maybe if I’m lucky the career center will let me blog about that one too!!!

Wishing everyone the best in their future internships and careers!! Have a wonderful summer.