Discover(y) Trace

Good morning bloggers and bloggees! My name is Trace Dominguez. I am finishing up my master’s in Public Communication here at American and I’m a new blogger for the university’s Career Center (@AUCareerCenter). I wrote my capstone on YouTube’s interview with President Obama after the State of the Union. Originally from Michigan, I’ve not yet lived in DC a year, but I am excited to start working and living outside the AU library.

For the next few months I am interning at Discovery News (@Discovery_News) working with their Digital Media. Here on the AUIntern’s blog I’ll be writing about my experiences so you should probably just bookmark us now. Go ahead I’ll wait… Discovery News is a separate entity from the Discovery Channel you are familiar with. They’re both owned by Discovery Communications, however, so they’ve got similar goals. I’m not sure what my job duties will be yet, but I know I’ll be helping create, write and publish the stories you’ll see on their  iPhone app, Twitter account, Facebook page, RSS feed, and website! I’m sure I’ll be busy.  See you around!



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