New blogger: Video for Latin America

Hello all!

My name is Judy and I’m an MA student in the International Media program at AU.  This summer, I am interning at the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) as a video consultant.  PADF is a DC-based non-profit organization that provides aid to Latin America and the Caribbean.

The videos that I will be working on this summer are for PADF’s annual Heroes of the Hemisphere awards event.  Each year, PADF awards five individuals or “heroes” from around Latin America and the Caribbean who have served as an agent for positive change in their community.  The awards gala will feature a short video documentary about each hero and the work they’ve done.  It’s my job to complete those videos.

So far, we have footage of “heroes” from Brazil and Mexico.  In June, I will travel to the Dominican Republic to interview the “hero” and shoot the video myself.

Stay tuned to hear more!