First Week on the Job…internship My firs…

First Week on the Job…internship

My first week at the FDIC has been absolutely fantastic to say the least.  In addition to having the opportunity to meet my fellow interns and new colleagues, I also learned a little more about an organization that I’ve had general knowledge about for years.  For future reference, I will be breaking down my blog into sections based upon the relevant events from the prior week.  For this entry, the relevant events include my impression of the other interns, IT at FDIC, my actual work assignments and the culture and atmosphere of the company.

The Interns

Perhaps the most surpassing episode I came across this past week was the profile of the interns.  There were interns ranging from college freshmen to 2nd year MBAs & law students (3 from AU!!!).  The former surprised me because I was under the impression that employers generally have a preference for interns further in their academic careers.


I did have a few technological blunders during the first week.  Among other things, I was locked out of my account several times for failing to correctly enter my password.  Moreover, since the FDIC is all about transparency, my supervisor received an email stating that I unsuccessfully attempted to access my account 16 times (not the best first impression).

Perhaps the chilling aspect of my IT difficulties was during orientation when I was informed that that everything (WebPages & email both company issued and your personal account) is the property of the FDIC if you access it on their server.  Moreover, phone calls elapsing an hour are recorded.

Atmosphere & Culture

Although I will reserve judgment for after the internship concludes, my initial impression in juxtaposing the FDIC with E&Y is that there is a more relaxed atmosphere. While EY is not an uptight organization, there appears to be a greater sense of urgency there relative to the FDIC.  This may be a premature assessment, but I’ll keep a watchful eye to see if this theory can be confirmed.

The Work

I was initially concerned about the workload that would be entrusted in me.  I formed the impression during orientation that most managers typically do not delegate certain task until after a certain period of time when a level of trust has been established.  However, for a 9 week internship, time was not on my side.  Nonetheless, my managers have, and still are building these higher levels of trust with each passing day.

I’ve very appreciative of my supervisor’s efforts to get me as much exposure to the intricacies of internal auditing as possible.  Within the first week this has entailed attending an audit planning meeting, meeting with the client (Division of Finance) and a general observation of safeguarded assets.