Lesson learned…

When I first started my internship in May, I was told via email to dress business casual  (no jeans) and wear closed toed shoes. I guess my mistake was never asking what exactly what that meant. I work in Clinical Research and have to wear business casual there, so I assumed that I could wear the same types of outfits that I wear to work to my internship. But I was wrong.

At work, business casual is defined as wearing nice tops, pants, capris, dresses, etc.  I figured that wearing dresses probably wouldn’t be appropriate at my internship, so I’ve been wearing pants and a nice top. This week though since it was a hotter week, I decided to wear a nice top and a pair of black dressy capris. When I came in my supervisor had a chat with me and basically told me that their business casual requires that I always wear pants and a nice top and closed toed shoes. I of course apologized and explained that I assumed that the business casual at my work was the same as the one at the police dept. I also volunteered to go back home and change into pants.  My supervisor apologized as well for not making it clear in the beginning.

I’ve never had this problem before this, but I’ve learned my lesson. I will definitely make sure to clear this up ahead a time at future employers/internships.