Scheduling for the Biggest Loser !

So this week, I regret to say, there were no photos for me to take. But that didn’t mean there wasn’t work to be done. Therefore, I switched to the marketing side of things. iHigh has a direct partnership with the annual Bluegrass State Games held throughout the state of Kentucky (though mainly in Louisville and Lexington) during the month of July.

Another main sponsor of this event is Subway, who promotes healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. The last two years, Subway has been gracious enough to provide us with spokesperson to throw out the first pitch at the local baseball game and kick off the 5K Run/Walk. And who did we have? Who else but the Subway man himself, Jared Fogle.

This year, Subway provided us with a new spokesperson in Shay Sorrells from the Biggest Loser. So my job is to schedule out a day for her in July that she is in town to speak with media to promote the games. That said, I spent all week contacting local television and radio stations from across the state to set up interviews for Shay. It has been a different experience to say the least!

The amount of background work that it takes to get somebody on the air for either a 90 second or 15 minute interview is more than you would think. I also think I picked the one week that everyone was on vacation because getting people to call me back has been a very slow process. But it is a side of the business that I am really benefitting from. You learn how to interact with people and how to keep a conversation (little tip – radio DJs know how to talk to it doesn’t take much to keep the ball rolling!) going so that both parties understand what is going on and all will be set up for when Shay is to call in/appear.

The schedule is almost done but we have a few little holes where we haven’t heard back yet. Something I found interesting though, when you run into a problem like not having enough contacts, ask the people you work with. Some of the guys in the office have friends or know somebody that works at a particular radio station or television station. They offered to give them a call and see if they can set something up or give the person my number so I could do it. It is a great way to meet new people and nice to know that your co-workers know people in the business!

For past photos I’ve done of the Bluegrass State Games – visit my digital portfolio and click more posts, they should be labeled. For more information and all past photos – check out award-winning !