Getting Into the Swing of Things

It’s hard to believe that I have spent more than a month interning at Xenophon – time has flown!  Between working, attending classes twice a week (and keeping up with the assignments that go with it), and my assistantship with Prof. Graf, my schedule has been completely packed since the end of the spring semester.  Not surprisingly, though, I absolutely love it.  While the graduate program certainly kept me busy throughout the year (as accelerated programs tend to do), juggling many different tasks and putting everything I’ve learned to use has been a thrill.

Because much of the work that Xenophon does for its clients is confidential, I won’t go into the particulars of the projects I’ve worked on.  However, I can say that I’ve had the opportunity to complete a variety of tasks, including client research, media monitoring, writing a press release, and creating a social media map.  I’ve also been able to participate in conference calls with clients like The Salvation Army, which has been great in gaining a better understanding of the immense planning and communication that is necessary for any given project.

I also moved locations in the office, assuming the front desk role after an opening was made available.  It has been interesting to balance my typical projects and tasks with the front desk duties, particularly answering the phones and handling some of the president’s scheduling; I might be an organized person, but I was nervous to take on new responsibilities in a very visible spot.  However, I like that it has given me new challenges and the opportunity to work with more people throughout the office, and I now have an even better perspective of how the office is run.