Know your goals going in

We all have goals whether in our career or life but how often do you make concrete goals you’d like to get out of your internship.

Well my first day at Discovery I did just that. After a full four hours of orientation on all Discovery Communication offers to its consumers and employees each of our managers came down to eat lunch with us as we discussed what we would be doing more specifically during the course of our Discovery internship. Then together with my manager we came up with a handful of concrete goals.

Usually as an intern we just complete the assignments we’re given and look back at what we’ve accomplished when we leave. Starting out with a concrete list that both you and your boss agree is possible assures both you and your manager understand your responsibilities while the many opportunities you have to shine lie ahead.

On a related note while orientation doesn’t always bring up the best memories to most it offers valuable information that you need to know before you start. I had the chance to get to know some of the other interns (many of who are AU students), hear from current employees, learn how Discovery began and how it continues to expand especially in its 25th year.

Discovery celebrates 25 years of Innovation, Excellence and Groundbreaking Nonfiction Programming this week with special programs for viewers and also treats throughout the week for employees that lead up to a worldwide day of service in local communities on Friday.

Another reason to value the type of organization you work for. Celebrating with cupcakes is always sweet too.