Television, Television

It’s been a pretty amazing first four weeks of my internship at W-USA9. In a short time span, I’ve become at ease with being in the newsroom (something I was afraid of pre-internship) and have developed a routine for myself in order to get the more important parts of my day finished before the morning show is over. I got over my “timid intern” phase very fast and I almost feel like I’m working with peers. So far, so good.

A misconception of the newsroom would probably be that it’s constantly busy, even in the morning. I had always expected it to be full of people just typing away and writing up news reports every minute — cut the number to about under 20 people total (most of them working on the more technical aspect of the show) and an empty newsroom and you’ve got yourself the morning news crew. Anchors don’t have stylists and makeup artists – they do it themselves – and despite the fact that they’re on television, they’re surprisingly normal…which is really humbling. Angie‘s been a great mentor and is insanely down to earth, and I’m thankful for being able to work so closely with her because it helps me understand how morning anchors work on a better level.

I think the major part of what makes this internship work for me is that I’ve wanted to be in broadcast since I was about 10 or 11. I also had doubts about this job pre-internship, wondering if I would end up hating the television station, the actual internship and — gasp! — journalism in general. If anything, it’s only affirmed that broadcast is what I want to do with my life and where I want to be in a little under five years. Now that I’ve got that figured out, I hope I can slowly figure out what exactly appeals to me most about this profession. Luckily I’ve got two more months, a ton of entertainment blurbs to write, and a lot of coffee to consume. Let’s do this.