Up Close and Personal with Firearms

Today my supervisor had to test fire a lot of firearms (i.e. handguns) which were seized during investigations. We  spent most of the day at the range, which is at the Police Training Academy. There he shoots the firearms into this machine that is made to catch the rounds. While my supervisor was testing the firearms, I spent most of the time organizing live rounds: cartridges and shot shells. Cartridges hold together the bullet, gunpowder, and primer. Shot shells are cartridges specifically for shotguns.

Then later, he showed me to to shoot a revolver. First, he explained and showed me how to pick it up, hold it, load it, and etc. Then he let me try shooting 6 rounds into the special machine. I was definitely scared that I was going to do something wrong, since I’ve never held or touched a real firearm before. Plus the sound is so loud even while wearing noise reducing earphones, that I couldn’t help but flinch.

Afterwards, my supervisor treated me for lunch at Burger King, which doesn’t sound like much, but it’s my favorite fast food burger chain, so I was satisfied! All in all, I’d say I learned a lot today and that it was a pretty good day!