Control Rooms, Reporting, and Coffee – Oh My!

Here’s a nice change of pace: Angie wants her interns to branch out and see how things work while having access to a newsroom and studio, so I was able to sit in the Control Room for the last 20 minutes of the 9 News Now morning show. I had done some similar things in high school, but the one thing I underestimated in an actual broadcast was the heavy attention to detail. I couldn’t keep up with the amount of screens, timers, graphic displays and sound buttons being changed and pressed second by second — to be quite honest, I didn’t even know where to look most of the time — but you begin to appreciate how much work goes in to those three or four minutes spent trying to make a morning newscast run effortlessly. I know writing the script can be difficult but it would fall flat without a good setup, and the WUSA control room has definitely got it under control.

Next Tuesday, I finally get to go out into the field (and by field, I mean Georgetown) and do some “reporting” of my own for Angie’s local segment of Oh My Goff called “Angie’s Army”. While having the chance to write entertainment news is fun and surprisingly challenging once in a while, I think that the ‘local’ news is a huge part of what makes Angie’s segment so popular…viewers send in recent happenings that bring awareness to things going on in the DC metro area, and gets people interested and pro-active as well.

Since I frequent M Street on a regular basis I’ll be attending an opening party for ‘Charm’, a jewelry boutique that recently opened and get the chance to interview the store owner, Jaclyn. I’ll let you know how that goes.

But the best part of my day was finally going through that “Intern Rite of Passage”… I did a coffee run today. Yeah, I know — I took down orders and everything. And despite Angie being extremely apologetic, reminiscent of her times interning at DC101 and doing 5am cigarette runs for Elliot (of ‘Elliot in the Morning’), I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that even associating interns as “coffee runners” seems so passé now; I’m not bothered by the idea by any means because coffee is coffee. As an intern, I don’t define myself by the stuff I’m told to do – I define myself by the quality of my work and efficiency in my actions, and they see the effort I’m putting into this internship…so it’s nothing at all. However, I draw the line at getting actual breakfast. (Kidding!)

Until next week…!