Update from the Video Lab

I had a meeting at the Pan American Development Foundation office this week in the Organization of American States Building downtown to talk about my recent business trip to the Dominican Republic.  I had prepared a DVD of a few highlights from the footage to share with the communications department.  Everyone seemed pretty happy with the footage that I shot.

After logging and capturing the footage into Final Cut Pro, my next step will be to send PADF the interview footage that I shot, so that we can determine which parts of the interviews will provide the strongest statements about the programs that PADF sponsors.  I also need a little bit of help with translating the interviews since I’m not quite fluent in Spanish.  PADF has an unlimited subscription to You Send It, a file and media sharing site, so I can easily send them footage electronically.

Once I have fairly solid (and translated!) statements from interview footage, I will work to make the video into a cohesive story.  The DR video will be one of six videos that I am producing this summer for PADF’s second annual Heroes of the Hemisphere awards gala.

If you need me, I’ll be in the video lab!