Fridays are smooth sailing in DC

It seems that at every place I’ve worked, even at 24-hour news organizations, one thing remains consistent in DC: nobody does real work on Fridays.

For an intern, this poses a unique challenge: you can follow suit and dabble around on the Internet for eight hours, plan to leave early for weekend plans or make your life easier by planning out the next week.

At RFE, things seem to be lifeless on Fridays, but I try to appreciate those days–days where you aren’t swamped with work, where your supervisors aren’t drowning in deadlines, and the world sort of slows down. While it’s blazing outside, you are in the air condition, you get to have long lunches, work on things you held off all week, and play a major game of catchup on things you probably wont get to on the weekend.

As for me? It’s the countdown to unemployment, and I’m not even sure where to begin. I stare at the computer, ten tabs open to intl. news stories, RFE’s intranet, Twitter and a list of big things I need to do. All I can think of is how nice it would be to go home and blog from bed. Have a good weekend–then back to the grindstone!