Staying Busy

Staying Busy

A summer internship is the quintessential Catch 22.  As a byproduct of the season, many people in the office are on vacation and it’s, for all intents and purposes, slower than during the rest of the year.  This can be wonderful initially during the internship because you’re afforded the opportunity to adjust to the office, its people, culture and your work load.  However, as time progresses and you’re fully adjusted to the environment, the slower work load you enjoyed during week one, is not as appealing during week 3. 

At this point, many people in the office are taking vacations…even personnel involved in our compliance audit has left for several days.  As a result, you have to find more creative ways to keep yourself busy with the work you’ve already been assigned.  My strategy was to get more familiar with the guidelines at the center of the current compliance audit and its corresponding directives (the Federal Government has a directive for almost everything).  While not the most exciting, it is proving its value.  Upon the return of several key figures in our current audit, I’ll have even more follow ups.

Additionally, we are also getting ready to kickoff another audit which involves both the internal controls division and external auditors Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PWC).  Earlier this week we held the “Kickoff” meeting with group.  It was especially rewarding because it enabled me to watch, from a client’s perspective” how high-end contactor’s (PWC earned the highest gross revenue, $26 Billion, of any accounting firm globally in 2009) conduct themselves at the client’s HQ.  In the time I interned at Ernst & Young, I didn’t have many client interactions.

Whatever the case may be, although things in the office are slow, there are always creative ways to keep yourself productive.