My First “Viral” Success

Working with Discovery for four weeks now, I’m really starting to settle in. I feel really good about the job and the people. I’m learning the layout of the building, the people who talk to each other and the people who prefer being left alone. But most importantly, I’m getting pretty good at my job. I look at this as a test for both me and for Discovery. What if I loved Discovery all throughout my childhood only to meet her and find out she was a raging alcoholic?! I would be crushed! What if Discovery looked at my resumé and thought, “Damn this kid know’s what he’s doing!” and then I arrived in flip-flops and a shirt with a bud light slogan on it without the faintest knowledge of how to use computer?

My point is last Friday, I passed the first test. I work with Discovery News. They are a science-focused news outlet run by Discovery and they have bloggers and videographers and traditional journalists all working together to create news product, and now they have me too.

Last week, I created a slideshow posted it on It was a big moment to see my name on the finished product. For a while, it was on the homepage! As an intern, I felt I have arrived. Now, they trust me. They know my work and they know they can count on me to get stuff done. Next week they want me to work with them on their podcast too! I can’t wait!

To read my “story” … er… slideshow, about an artist who created sculptures of deadly viruses and bacteria, visit: