Delhi Bound

——–Backdated June 22, 2010———–

I’m off to (New) Delhi, the capital of India, this week to meet with some of the companies we’ll be engaging for our clean energy marketing & communication strategy study.  The flight is about 3 hours north and I am quite excited to see a new part of the country.  Delhi is primarily Hindi-speaking; whereas Chennai, where I am based, is almost exclusively Tamil-speaking. Delhi is also extremely hot right now, and the day I am arriving is slated to be 120 degrees F!

My colleague, Santosh, will be joining me on the trip, where the plan is to meet with one or two companies each day. The objective is two-fold: we are meeting face-to-face to establish a relationship with key people at these orgs, as well as consulting them on how we can improve our approach in extracting marketing strategy information. We feel that asking for feedback at this preliminary stage will encourage the companies to become more invested in the project.  Many of the Delhi orgs are those we may want to take a closer look at in round 2 of the project.

To give you a better idea of who we’ll be speaking to, some of the companies we’re expecting to meet with are:

  • d. Light – a solar lighting organization
  • IDEI – small scale irrigation solutions for rural farmers
  • Cosmos Ignite – solar LED lighting solutions
  • IT Power India – full range of clean energy solutions from wind to hydro to solar and beyond
  • SBA Hydro – provide hydroelectric power to villages

Basically, this project is working off a previous project my organization conducted in conjunction with the World Resources Institute (WRI). We will be taking a closer look at the clean energy market in rural India, moving from a broad overview to a focus on marketing and communication strategy.  We are exploring how these companies are not only selling their products to rural Indians, but also how they are selling the concept of clean energy and alternative solutions for household products.

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, let’s hope the heat and the infamous “Delhi Belly” don’t get to me. *[ominous foreshadowing]*