I’m Back!!!

Once again, I’ve failed at keeping up with my blog. AU Career Center, I’m very sorry. And I’m sorry to all my loyal fans out there…I know I must be keeping you in such suspense. Everything at Americans for the Arts is going so well. I have so much to tell you!! I’m going to split it into a few blogs (I promise this will happen) so you don’t have to read such a novel.  Here are some of the things that I will discuss:

1) the AFTA Half-Century Summit in Baltimore

2) My State Arts Agency Project

3) The National Arts Awards

4) Creating the Artist Committee Mosaic

5) My Goals for this internship.

In the meantime, I just sat in on my first monthly Development meeting. It was really great. We talked about where we are currently in the fiscal year, where we need to be, what areas we need to push a little harder to get additional funds. We also talked about what happens should there be any changes in the board in the upcoming years, the possibility of a long-term plan (endowment), and some of our programs such as the National Arts Marketing Project and Business Committee for the Arts. http://www.artsusa.org

I know I know…not really giving you much to go on this week…but I promise I will be back soon with something fun!!! Stay Tuned!