Definitely getting my workout in

Since my last post, my supervisor moved on from test-firing handguns to test-firing rifles and shotguns (AND BOY ARE THOSE THINGS HEAVY!!!).

Here is a sequence of our day when firearms are being test-fired:

  1. Load a cart with firearms  (each firearm is in its own box).
  2. Drag the cart downstairs, so they can be loaded into the truck.
  3. Make multiple trips until we have all the firearms.
  4. Drive over to the range (a 5-7 minute drive, so we don’t really get a break from the heavy lifting).
  5. Unload the truck and put all the boxes on a ledge.
  6. Open up all the packages that the firearms are in and get the firearms loose. (They are taped shut in boxes and often tied into the box using tie straps that take forever to take off!)
  7. Fill out these information cards that have the brand of firearm, manufacturer, etc.
  8. Then carry the firearms into the range.
  9. Find the appropriate bullets.
  10. Test fire the firearms-done by supervisor. (After doing this for a while, we eventually take a break and eat lunch.)
  11. Carry them back out of the range and put them back into their corresponding boxes.
  12. Then reload the truck and drive to crime lab.
  13. Then unload truck and bring everything back up to the crime lab.

My arms were definitely in pain after carrying those heavy firearms back and forth, especially since we had at least 50 firearms to test fire one day. It was interesting though to see all the different types of firearms, as well as learn about some of the cases that the firearms correspond to. Most of the time, the firearms have just been seized by the police; but every once in a while there’s an interesting case.

Well that’s it for now.. my arms still hurt! 🙂