Sometimes You Have to Have Some Downtime…

Hello everyone!

Sorry on the delay – sometimes the days of summer all start to blend together. I would say I have been extremely busy but I haven’t been in the same sense that I have talked about in my other posts. I think when people apply to internships and so on, they think they will be running around doing 20 million things all day everyday. But that isn’t always the truth. I know iHigh has been busy getting ready for the Bluegrass State Games that start this weekend but it hasn’t been full throttle…at least not yet. Something that I really like about where I intern is that I’m more of an event by event basis intern. With the Games this weekend, I’ll be out there shooting photos almost everyday for the next 4 weekends. But these past two weeks have been pretty low-key since we can’t do much until the Games actually begin.

So to keep busy, we have been putting out a few more posters and cards to promote. I’ve also been getting back into contact with some of the radio stations I contacted about having Shay on earlier in the summer since the interview is next week. We had a few scheduling glitches we are trying to work out as well as trying to get some new stations on board.

Other than that – Lexington has been pretty quiet. I think this is great to learn that not all companies are hustle and bustle all the time. Every company has their low-key weeks up until the high stakes weeks. It is nice to have a breather to be able to work everything out at a reasonable pace of over several weeks time span rather than rush it all in one short high energy week.

I promise to be more exciting next week. Hopefully I’ll have some more pictures to show you all (because you all like the pictures right?) Ah my Blackberry just buzzed again – that means another email. Hopefully it is another radio station that wants to have Shay on! Catch you all next week! Stay cool DC!