Hola from Colombia!

I have had an amazing visit so far.  Technically, this is a business trip and I´m here for work, but who would call shooting video up in the beautiful Colombian mountains work?!
On Tuesday, we flew from Bogota to Popayan.  Popayan is known as “la Ciudad Blanca” (“the White City”) because all the buildings are painted white.  The city strongly reflects traditional European architecture in its layout.  Bogota in contrast, is a big cosmopolitian city with a large business district.
From Popayan, we drove up into the mountains into Silvia.  Silvia is inhabited by a group of indigenous people called Guambios or Guambianos.  One of PADF´s projects in the region provides resources for economic development in the area to preserve the indigenous culture.  We interviewed the coordinator of the project (who is receiving a Hero of the Hemisphere award from PADF) as well as other beneficiaries.  The Guambianos recieved funding from PADF to build a mill to grind up grain.  This mill, powered by the river, was built in the traditional way- without any electricy or power tools!  The Guambianos also set up fisheries where they raise trout to sell.  I got to film all of this!
It rained off and on most of the time we were there, so I had to film under an umbrella to protect my camera from the rain.  This is Colombia´s winter, so the weather has been in the low 60s.  It was difficult finding places to conduct the interviews because of the sounds of the rain and the river.  We actually ended up filming one of the interviews in the restruant where we had lunch!  I´m glad I brought three extra camera batteries with me because there weren´t a lot of electrical outlets up in the mountains!
To get to one of the fisheries, we had to cross a slippery make-shift bridge (what I called the Bridge of Death) over a raging river.  My supervisor took a picture of me crossing the bridge with my camera under my poncho to protect it from the rain.