A Week of Trainings

As a MCPD intern, you are required to go to at least one training a month. Each training has a different topic. Examples are Defense Tactics or Miranda Rights, etc. This week I went to a training about the States Attorney Office. It was really interesting. The speaker was a prosecutor for the Office. He discussed how the Police Department and the State’s Attorney Office work together when solving cases. He also mentioned that the State Attorney’s Office works with schools, neighborhoods, and communities. For example, working to set up neighborhood watches or having dangerous parking lots patrolled. He said that the parking lot at Lake Forest mall in the Gaithersburg, MD is one of the worst so be careful if you’re around there. He also said that almost every type of crime has decreased in the last year except for car thief,  which has increased. So also be careful about what you leave in your car.

Then yesterday, I helped out at the Hands On Training for the Explorers. The Explorers is a program where teens ages 14- 20 (i think) get together once a week to learn more about being a police officer. Some of the explorers choose to compete in a national competition where they are tested on the tactics they have learned. This competition is in two weeks, so yesterday they trained on some of the tactics they will be tested on. I helped out by pretending to be a victim/criminal/ etc in difference scenarios. It was really interesting to see what they did. Plus it was kind of funny, because you have a young child arresting you in these scenarios and all it was hard to take them seriously.

I don’t think I’m going to any more trainings this month, but I’m excited about the Forensics training in August!