Back in the U.S!

The visit with PADF to Colombia was overall amazing and productive.  I got a lot of great footage and stills.  I feel like my Spanish has definitely improved.  I’ve already become Facebook friends with several people from the PADF Colombia office.  I’m very excited to start postproduction, though I’m definitely going to miss the mountains, the cool weather, and the amazing Colombian food.

One of the video projects I’m working on (a lower priority than the Heroes of the Hemisphere videos) is CAIF (Centro Atencion Integral a la Familia), which is basically a school and family center partly funded by PADF.  I filmed classes with the children, classes with the parents, the playground, even a football game.  Part of CAIF goal is maintaining cultural identity.  Some of the children dressed up in traditional Colombian costumes and performed a traditional song and dance.  This was one of the most challenging parts for me to film only because the kids were so adorable that it was difficult for me to hold the camera steady.

This is a picture from CAIF overlooking the football pitch and the town of Popayan.