I’ve been having a lot of fun these past few weeks — even more so with some projects out of what I normally do while in the newsroom (videos/newsmaker/editing), which I really enjoyed.

My mentor Angie has been working on some stories for distracted driving within the DMV area and I’ve been helping out with the research — namely, laws from each area (and they are severely different) and other things to report on from a local angle. That segment came out great. I had completely forgotten about this promotion, but Sprint and the Do Something project are backing the anti-distracted driving movement by providing thumb socks to stop people from texting, which is brilliant — and possibly the next story she’ll work on. Fingers crossed (no thumbs though)!

I’ve also been volunteering with DC Metromix (affiliated with WUSA9) for the DC’s Hottest 5 concert series at some local bars. It’s been a great experience to do the more gritty work of live events from a promotional point of view, and I’ve been able to listen to some great music and meet some great people in the process. While I don’t think party/event promoting is in my future, it made me reminisce of my high school tv production days of pulling dirty cables around.

ALSO: I have my own blog post on Angie’s site! Small accomplishment, but seeing the ‘By Kristine Untalan, Special to OMG’ is still pretty cool.

Behind the cut are some photos from the event! Clicky clicky!

Greetings from 19th Bar!

One of DC's Hottest 5, Barry Fantle.

Hi from the Metromix event!