My internship at Animal Planet is about …

My internship at Animal Planet is about half over which is just astonishing.

Gosh it’s been forever since I updated. Sorry everyone. It’s definitely the middle of the summer as I’m adjusted to my summer schedule of interning, commuting, working and relaxing when I can.

I’ve settled in to my department as well as the company. It took a few weeks to figure out how such a large company with so many branches and specific departments within each channel work together on a daily basis. Time has given me a good perspective on how people work together for a common purpose.  It’s nice to pick up on how smaller things make a difference for a particular show or the overall brand of the channel. So when starting out at a new place, don’t expect everything to make sense in the beginning!

One of the best things about being a Discovery Communications intern is the Campus Connect Internship Program. At least once a week the 85 Silver Spring interns hear from various executives in person and also other speakers whose talks are video conferenced into the headquarters from the other office locations . They’ve shared some amazing stories and take the time so give us an inside look at their position including tips on how to succeed.

Here’s some tips that can be used at any point in your career from one of the latest speakers. They’re probably general things that we all know, but it’s good to be reminded every so often of simple actions we can take to really shine!

1. Be amazing at whatever job, task, or assignment you’re given. People will take notice (even if they don’t say anything).

2. Take initiative.  If you notice something needs to be done or updated ask if you can. It’ll show that you don’t mind completing smaller tasks that can benefit the overall team.

3. Speak up in meetings. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Have an opinion. But don’t be that person! (You all know what I mean.)

4. Accept the things you aren’t over the moon about working on with more than an “okay”.