So Many Sports – Only ONE Photographer!

So the Bluegrass State Games finally arrived. And only two weekends in, I’m exhausted! It has been hot temperatures here in Kentucky (hello 90s!) so that makes the running around town a little harder to handle. But the amount of people (athletes, parents and siblings alike) that have turned out to participate has been incredible! I talked to some families that drive to and from home each day – some of those being hours away – just so their child can participate. They don’t seem to mind sitting out in the blazing sun for hours on end just to cheer on everyone, even during games from other counties they never have even met!

For more…check out below! So the games “officially” started on Friday, the 16th with the Celebration of Athletes featuring the Biggest Loser star Shay Sorrells. A lot of kids came out to play on the inflatable and rock climbing wall provided by the National Guard. Then was on to the baseball game for the local minor league team, the Lexington Legends before a torch lighting ceremony to officially start the games as the torch was run from the state capital of Frankfort all the way to Lexington.

The first week of play, featured girls softball of all ages, adult and youth tennis and cycling.

It is always interesting to see different sports that you don’t normally see. I mean how many people watching cycling outside of the Tour de France on TV?

It was interesting to see and I give major credit to those guys – it isn’t as easy as it looks!

This past weekend was boys tee ball (so cute!), raquetball, high school boys lacrosse and youth soccer.

I think the best part of the Bluegrass State Games is that it really encourages people to get out of the house and do some exercise this summer. There really are no winners or losers and it really helps bring the state together. I love being able to go out and photograph everything and have parents ask me to take photos of their child/team so that they can look it up online and purchase the photos to show their kids. One little boy at tee ball asked me if I took his picture, would he be famous. I said yes and he said to snap away. Might be the next Ken Griffy Jr. out there!

For all the photos, please visit or the Bluegrass State Games website . As the motto says – “Have a Ball Kentucky!”