New opportunity!

Great news!  I was referred by the Pan American Development Foundation to work on a video for their affiliate, the Organization of American States (OAS or “OEA” in Spanish) in the Department of Human Development, Education and Culture.

The project is a video to commemorate the 50 year anniversary of the OAS scholarship program, which funds a student from an OAS member state to pursue higher education in another OAS member state.  The video will mostly consist of interview testimonials from former scholarship recipients.  Some OAS scholarship recipients are now directors of hospitals, universities, professors, and ambassadors all over the hemisphere.

Since most of the interviewees are in Latin America and the Caribbean, my supervisors have been working to get local student film crews to conduct the interviews on location remotely (at limited to no cost to the OAS!).  Since many of the interviewees have connections with local universities, this was fairly easy to do.  Though as the producer, I will personally film at least two of the interviews myself.  One will be in Washington (the interviewee works at the World Bank, right across the street from the OAS building), and the other will require travel.

I’m so grateful that PADF recommended me to work on such an exciting project!