Last official week of IWWL

Monday we had our staff meeting in the morning. Then I spent the rest of the day prepping for the week. We got a great deal accomplished Tuesday. The students chose which photos they wanted in the final exhibit. Lauren and I made sure each student had at least two photos. Next we chose an exhibit title. We had several choices for the students to vote on. The students overwhelmingly chose “The Hidden Secrets of Southwest Waterfront. They felt this worked well, as Southwest is not a well known area, but it has much to offer. Then we broke up into small groups to accomplish a variety of tasks. The layout group worked on choosing where the photos would go on the wall. I had cut a large piece of brown butcher paper for them to make a mockup. Once the layout group decided the order of the pictures, they presented it to the rest of the group. The layout group told us that they had randomly placed the photos. I asked the students if they could come up with some kind of grouping or theme for the photos, since I thought they should put more thought into it. After brainstorming some more they decided to extend the secrets theme. A photograph of a lock that one of the students took will be hung on the first panel of our wall. On the last panel one of our artistically gifted students will paint an open lock, underneath which will say “you have unlocked the secrets of Southwest. On the panels in between we will paint a chain and arrange the photos around it. I was glad that the students came up with a more involved concept for our exhibit. While the layout group was working students worked on other projects. Several students worked on our map of Southwest that will be part of the exhibit. They blew up a map of the neighborhood on a large piece of foam board. They then decorated the map with small photographs that correspond to the correct areas. For example, the students put pictures of the fish market where the fish market is located. We also worked on the interactive. The students pasted fun facts about SW on crab shells that visitors will be able to pick up and read. We spent the rest of the week working on these projects with the kids. The exhibit opens July 30th! I hope we can get everything done in time.