More Days of Paperwork

Last week,  my supervisor was out-of-town and he was supposed to leave me some things for me to do. When I came in on Monday morning, I reported to the Sargent, who told me that my supervisor forgot to leave me work to do.  I ending up  spending the morning helping sort, organize, and file papers. I spent the rest of the day sitting with the Crime Scene Investigators. They didn’t really have anything that I could help them with, so another intern and I just sat around waiting for a possible call that there was a crime scene that needed to be investigated. While sitting with the investigators, I learned that MoCo has already had 12 homicides this year (5 of which occurred in the span of 10 days!) This is surprising because last year MoCo only had 13 homicides for the entire year. Bring only July, there’s a good chance that we will surpass that number this year.

Anyways, while sitting and waiting, the investigators said that it was okay for us to surf the net or work on something. I used the time to work on my personal statement for my application for grad program #2. It’s funny how much more productive I am when I’m anywhere besides my home.

We didn’t end up getting any calls, but as soon as our shift ended and the next one was about to start, 2 calls came in for 2 separate house burglaries in Wheaton, MD.  Not too sure what the outcomes of those were.

Today again, my supervisor is not here because he doesn’t have any power. Speaking of which, that storm was crazy! I didn’t get power until 3:45 am. We wer expecting that it would come on later this week, since a tree fell on the power line above our lawn and onto our house.. no major damages though.

Anyways, So far today I have been helping sort, organize, and file again. I also helped the Sargent with some accreditation binders.  It’s been a pretty quiet day so far. Maybe it will pick up after lunch. We’ll see!