Sometimes You Have to Let Others Have a Turn

So the Bluegrass State Games are finally over and done for another year. I know you all are probably as glad as I am

to see them go. As much as I love getting out there any taking pictures, the heat and amount of driving around I have had to do for them in the past 4 weeks is by far the best reliever in seeing them be done with.

But I can gladly say that I took over 3,000 photos myself over the course of it (if even more than that) and I didn’t even cover all the events! But what I wanted to talk about in this post is that I didn’t do everything myself. I think something to always keep in mind is that even though you may want everything to be your way, don’t forget to let other people have a chance too. I’m not the only intern at iHigh this summer/year. There are two other students who work at iHigh as well and do a lot of the work when I am back in Lexington. So I turned to them to do some of the sporting events on the different weeks, sharing the camera and time with them. As much as I loved doing it, sometimes the heat and time commitment was too much for me. So I made a schedule of days, times and events for the other two to do, gave them the camera and let them snap away. In return, they gave me the camera back and I did all the photo uploading/picking the best of for the website. It was a way for us all to work together and for them to get some hours in.

In some cases, they didn’t get all the photos that I would have liked (as much as we love quality photos at iHigh, you want a lot of them too. People love to look at lots of pictures, especially when it is their teams/athletes playing. So you want to make sure you get a large quantity and variety for them to see!) and being the perfectionist I am in some cases, I went back and added to what they had already done. But they are still new to the whole system as compared to myself who is in my third year doing the games.

It is both a learning process for both sides. Learning how to share and delegate tasks while still doing work of your own. I think a lot of situations these days, people end up either hogging all the work to themselves because they want everything done their way and nobody can do what they do. Or they delegate all the work away and end up with nothing to do. I think in every successful workplace, the balance between your work and delegation needs to be in check otherwise, you become a workaholic or a bored employee. So my advice is to get to know your co-workers/fellow interns so you can figure out how to use each persons strengths to get more done. It is so much simpler when everyone gets along 🙂

As always – check out all the photos on and (600 flag football pictures, 800+ volleyball pictures and 900+ little league baseball pictures from this weekend alone!)