Defensive Tactics Training!

Last night, I went to a Defensive Tactics training (since we have to go to at least one training a month). It was really interesting. The officer who taught the training session is the one who trains the police recruits how to properly use defensive tactics as a people office.

The session started off with information about defensive tactics. For example, the levels of defense start with verbal commands and go up to deadly force. The police are trained not to use deadly force unless absolutely necessary. Then he taught us about the levels of awareness. It starts with the white level, which is when your pulse is normal (between 60 and 80), but you’re not really aware of what’s going on around you. The next level is yellow, which is when your pulse is normal, but you are aware of your surroundings. The orange level is when you pulse goes up a little bit (up to 100) and your awareness gets better. The red level is when you pulse is up to 115 and this is when your awareness is best. You hear sounds better, see movements better, etc. The next level is gray, which is when your pulse is up higher and your rational thought and awareness isn’t as good… it’s gray and starts to get fuzzy. And lastly, the black level is when your pulse is really high and you have no rational thought at all.

He mentioned that when in stressful situations, the frontal part of your brain (which is where rational thought comes form) stops working. So you are left with the middle and tail end of the brain, which means that the only instincts left are: fight, flight, feed, or reproduce. In order to ensure that police officers remain calm and have rational thought under stress, they are taught to practice their breathing. If they can keep their pulse under 115, even during the black level of awareness, then they will still be able to think rationally.

After that, he taught us some defensive tactic moves. They were mostly different types of kicks we can use when being attacked by someone. He said not to aim at a man’s groan, because he’s been conditioned to know that it hurts, so he will be able to protect it. Instead aim for any part of the leg, preferably the knee.

He also told us ways to keep from getting robbed at ATMs. For example, he said that when you go to the ATM if you see a suspicious person, you should start screaming and cursing at the ATM (yell about how it doesn’t work). While you are doing that, press the cancel button, so you will be able to get your card back. Then walk away continuing to yell. The point of this is that it makes the robber think that you are crazy, so they will be less likely to want to steal from you.

The most important thing that I learned though is that you need to practice the tactics so that you will remember what to do if you are actually attacked. Otherwise, you will totally blank and forget how to defend yourself! So I’m off to practice my moves: kicking and pretending to get angry at ATMs in my mind! 🙂