Set Up Goals and Knock ‘Em Down

When starting an internship, it’s good to create some goals for yourself. Often, as is the case with my internship at Discovery, you’ll meet with your supervisor on your first day and you’ll come up with some goals, but if you don’t come up with your own personal goals.

My goals at Discovery News are:

  • Audit Discovery News’ social media platforms and make recommendations
  • Produce my news story from inception to post
  • Repurpose video for use on the new Discovery News website – i.e. learn a lot more about video editing
  • Learn news-gathering, writing and reporting for Discovery News works

This combines my own goals and the goals the News Director and I set out back in June, but I’d like to say, I accomplished them all. It feels good to post your own news story, and now something I’ll get to do much longer. My video editing has very much improved, and my Discovery News Social Media Audit was a great success resulting in a one hour conference call/Q&A with me about tactics and strategy for social media.

Goals are important. I can hear my Mom saying it in my head, “Set goals for yourself so you can push yourself to achieve them!” She wasn’t kidding. It really works.