Fewer Hours… More Responsibility?

Certainly looks that way!

It’s been a tumultuous couple weeks here at CEA. All in a good way, but just a little crazy. My supervisor–and now good friend–moved on to a new job last Friday with New Media Strategies and now I’m finding myself increasingly independent, and with more and more projects on my plate!

I’m thrilled! Never before have I had an internship that really provides me with this level of independence and responsibility, and individual control over the projects I’m working on. Of course I’m still asking plenty of questions and getting permission for the big things, but this is the first time I’ve really felt like the work I’m putting in is coming out with some real results.

That’s one reason I’m almost a little sad that I’ll be switching to part time in less than a week, going from about 40 hours a week to almost half that. But at the same time I already get the feeling that, while my hours will be less, my responsibilities and independence will remain largely the same. It might mean work is going to be a little more frantic to get things done, but I’ll just have to kick my butt into gear and work hard to be productive each and every single minute I’m in the office (not that I don’t try to do that all the time!).

The next few weeks will be interesting as our office hires someone to take my former supervisor’s place, and as we get closer and closer to the biggest events of the year for the CEA. Add in school, other jobs, and on-campus responsibilities, and I’ve got the making for a hectic semester but I’m excited about it nonetheless. In my experience, the busier I get the more rewarding I find my experiences–I’m sure this semester will be no different!