How exactly can one say “Thank You”…?

I was going to e-mail this question to Felicia as my Very Last Day at WUSA9 is rapidly approaching, but I figured this could possibly turn into a good AU Intern Blog discussion. So readers, here’s the million dollar question:

How should I go about thanking my employers for a wonderful summer internship?

Sounds easy enough, right? No. I’ve been over thinking it. I’ve googled this idea to death, and still can’t pick out a decent way to say, “Hey, thanks morning news team!” While I appreciate the nice sentiment that employers felt at times, saying they should have been the ones giving their interns gifts, I don’t find that completely necessary. I would like to fully extend my thanks to not only my supervisor(s), but the people I’ve been chatting with in the wee hours of the morning for the past three months.

Things I’ve ruled out:

  • Sending a mass e-mail to the entire newsroom.

Things I’m not against:

  • Baked goods.
  • Thank you notes.

Don’t think that I’ve forgotten the power of an old-fashioned hand-written thank you note — I’m definitely on top of that.

So if you have any tips, suggestions, or examples of previous attempts that were either successful or a complete failure…I just want to hear them all! I give you my thanks. 😛