Can’t believe it’s all over

Yesterday was the last day at my internship. I can’t believe how quickly the time flew by. I’m so grateful to my supervisor and all the other staff at the FSS for this amazing experience. I hope to be back soon, either as an intern or maybe an employee.

Earlier in the week, I mostly helped with the crime lab’s accreditation preparation. It was kind of a boring way to end my last week, but the accreditation process is very important to the lab.

Yesterday i went to the training that I was waiting for: the Forensics training. The presenter, the director of the DNA crime lab, used actual case studies to directly illustrate what their lab does. He also ended the presentation with a little case study that we were allowed to solve. I learned so much basic Forensic Sciences information, which only left me craving to learn more. I am so excited about the possibility of starting a Masters in Forensic Science in the Spring. Here’s to hoping!

Good luck to all the other interns on their future endeavors!