The Last Time

Walking around the building at One Discovery Place was pretty say last Friday. It was my last time. I liked the building from the first time I walked in, but knowing this might be the last time I was able to wander around made me sad so I went up to the roof and enjoyed the view before I turned in my badge and caught the Metro home.

Its inevitable, the last day of an internship. I did everything right, made my supervisors proud, worked on lots of projects, met lots of people in the organization and did my best to make myself as indispensable as possible, but I just didn’t work out. There’s nothing wrong with that, I made the best of it!

What do you do when you don’t get the job you’ve been working an internship to get? Simple, get references!

Looking back at the summer, I was busy but interested in the work I was doing. This is the best of both worlds, it made the day go by quickly and every day was a learning experience. In the end I’ve got an online list of projects I did for Discovery News that will be accessible forever and I’ve made a number of excellent connections within the company I can rely on later if I decide to go back. The thing is I might not want to now. I’ve worked there, it’s time to go somewhere else! The question is, where?

To help push myself into a new position with all the fervor I have from this one I am still waking up every morning as if I were going to work and instead of leaving for the train, I get on the computer and search for jobs. I emailed my supervisor and asked her if she would write-up a Letter of Reference I can include in my portfolio. Additionally, I can print out the actual projects so I don’t rely on the interviewers to have to have a laptop. It’s all about the preparation!

Long story short, think about what you want to show to your future jobs about what you did, it’s easy to list them on your résumé, but if you’re proud of your work, why not keep them in paper form to show off? Like kids in a wallet, this is my pride & joy. I should want to show them off (and I do)…

Here are some of my projects from News:
Infectious Beauty Slideshow
Blood Pharming Blog
Terror Bird Fought Like Muhammad Ali: Video

As I am no longer an intern, this will be my last post on the AU Intern’s blog, but don’t forget, if you get asked to do this, it’s yet another thing you can add to your portfolio! Thanks for the opportunity AU! Good luck to all my fellow interns and students!