It’s Like a Brand New Day

So as most of you know, classes have started up again here at American University. And with that comes new classes, new people and new opportunities. In my experience at AU, I have so many different kinds of internships and opportunities thrown my way that I haven’t seemed to have straightened them all out yet! But that is what I came to Washington, DC for. The experience. See more below.

As this school year begins, I have already interviewed with a sports organization that I’m really hoping to get an internship with this semester (I’m going to withhold names until I have been officially notified of anything.) But the interesting thing is, if you had asked me two and a half years ago if I would want to be an intern for them, I don’t think I would have said yes.

We all come to college with dream internships in our head. The big time places, so as a broadcast major, I would have said Fox News, CNN, CBS, NBC and so on. Yes I have met people at those places and thought of interning with them. But as I start my junior year, I haven’t had one full time internship with any of them. Instead, I’ve worked for a bunch of smaller, hands on places that really saw me as another employee like everyone else and not the “intern”.

That experience has really pushed me to move forward and try different things. I interned at newspapers, video editing places and now maybe in the communications at a sports team. They all have direct ties to what I want to do, but they let me gain new skills and experience that have shaped me and in some ways changed my focus and direction of my career.

I think people think that because some places are smaller and aren’t 100% in the field they want to get into, that they should ignore them. But consider all the internship opportunities you get and think if it could really help you in some shape or fashion. And you never know who the people in smaller places know. DC isn’t that big of a city. People know people. And if you give the right ones a chance, you’ll learn a lot more than fetching coffee and network with some really neat people.

So I guess that means no more deleting of all those internships sent to your email. Read them!

Cross your fingers that I get this new internship so I can tell you all about it in my next post!