Welcome to my World

Hello there 🙂

I always find blogging funky, but I hope after this first session I am a little more comfortable writing about my working life this semester. Here is some info about me, just in case you were wondering…

My name is Miranda, and this semester I completing my second internship, and if you are wondering about my last internship and how it compares to my current one, do not worry! I am planning on doing a quick compare/ contrast for one of these posts so stay tuned!

Other facts: I am a sophomore with a major in International Relations, concentrating on development and Latin America, but this information is not as pertinent for my current internship because my Education Minor is the focus of my internship.  Focus as in I am getting 6 credits for this internship that will go towards my minor! I know pretty awesome! I never planned on minoring in anything, let alone education, but it has already opened up so many great opportunities for me that I know it was definitely the right choice– PHEW!

So, as you may have guessed my internship is in education. I am the k-12 Intern at a nonprofit in DC… not very descriptive yet so if you are still interested keep reading!

Basically, I conduct donor research on people like this— what’s that? Well, in the philanthropic world researching about donors and finding out what interests them is key for promoting the well-being of society. Sounds like a bold statement, and it is but the organization that I am working for is doing a great job at fulfilling its promise, and I am always busy which is great!

FUN FACT: Thus far, the most amazing skill I’ve learned is how to spell philanthropy… trust me it is a tricky word, but if you want to keep learning about what other really useful and fun skills I am gaining at my internship… keep reading my posts!

Guess that’s all for now… if you read til here thanks!