a typical versus atypical day

The most challenging and amazing thing about working at a nonprofit is the amount of responsibility and tasks that one is given. I started my internship on Tuesday, August 24 and here is a list of the typical intern tasks and non-typical tasks I have been given:


  1. Making copies and learning that printers are a pain in the you-know-what!
  2. Using mail merge
  3. Stuffing over 300 envelopes with the articles that I had a very difficult time printing out
  4. Database entry
  5. Becoming BFF’s with excel

Not-so-typical intern tasks

  1. Making copies of an article that is going to be sent to all of the bishops in the USA
  2. Developing a logo to be placed on the labels that in mail merge
  3. Yea.. I do not have a cool thing to add about stuffing envelopes— sorry
  4. Researching about donors and organizations that are working to improve education in the USA and the major grants that they have given in order to do so and then putting this information into the database
  5. Besides becoming BFF’s with excel which is not too awesome– I have been given tasks to complete like creating a TFA memo that would influence a donor’s decision to invest in them or not, sitting in on a strategic planning session about the future of my organization and learning the in’s and out’s of marketing a company effectively and resource allocation (I had never heard the term marginal cost thrown around so many times since I took AP Econ in high school!), and creating a guidebook for donors on successful advocacy organizations in the education reform movement in America.

So basically, my atypical tasks, or those that I did not expect and am glad I was given, definitely outweigh those typically ones and make interning 20 hours a week an insightful and exciting experience!

That’s all for now : )