Prologue: I’m Actually Doing This

As a forward to all of my readers, I want to thank you for your visit and hopefully though this experimental blog I can educate you about Overseas Internships as I myself will be learning many things over here in Frankfurt, Germany. Some of these lessons I had to learn the hard way, so hopefully you won’t have to!

I guess I will start from the beginning. Back in May when I graduated from my undergraduate institution at McDaniel College, I had a snippet in their “Cheers 2010” that I had been accepted into American University’s School of International Service and that I also had been accepted for a State Department Internship in Germany almost at the same time. The number one question I received after said snippet was published was, “How did you get both?”

And to be quite honest, I simply applied.

One lesson I learned from many professors, my mother, and fellow peers is perseverance. I can not tell you how many applications I sent out to agencies who were posting available internships . I actually sent in my resume to the State Department for their Summer Program and got rejected. Only when I reapplied for their Fall program did I get a hit.

I was informed that my ability to speak German and my involvement in McDaniel’s German American Day stuck out to the coordinators selecting the interns for the Fall Program. They also liked the fact that I was furthering my Education by seeking an MA in International Communication. So kudos to McDaniel and American University’s School of International Service” for their part in getting me this amazing gig.

However I myself also worked incredibly hard to make sure that I was a shoe-in for this Internship. And one important detail to take note of is contact. Because you don’t want to have too much of it, but too little of it could end the deal. That’s why I ultimately chose Frankfurt because they were the number one place who kept clear and direct contact with me. So make sure that not only you keep contact with your given agency, but they keep contact with you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and always check your email daily (maybe even twice a day).

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