Second Week – Blue Week: Getting Out There

This was on my way to the Hauptbahnhof. I had to walk from that little dot that says “Miquel Adickesallee” all the way there. What do you need to get out of this? Buy a bus ticket nice and early. They usually have deals for students. I spent 60 Euro for a month, and that covers trains and buses in Frankfurt.

The reason I start with bus tickets is because during the second week it was all about getting outside the apartment. Avenue Q is right about a lot of things mainly that life is Only for Now and There is Life Outside Your Apartment. So when I met the German Interns were I work, we all made fast friends and went on an awesome tour of Rheinland-Pfalz which is southwest of Hessen where Frankfurt is.

Many markets that morning. This one was at Mainz however every town we visited had one going on.

Good look at Koblenz.

This is Trier, there was larger Carnival taking place there.

This is Saarburg where we ate Dinner. It reminded me of 7th Ave in New York. Fancy shops everywhere

Then after this we stopped at Kaiserslautern where a very large Soccer stadium is located, and then headed back to Frankfurt.

Even though this weekend was amazing to say the least, I still couldn’t forget that I still had homework to do. Having a foreign internship while still taking classes is taxing, but time management is key. Devote some weekends for fun, but other weekends for school… and laundry. Do it at the same time it makes it go faster.

While you’re being social however, make sure you take your budget into account. For instance, did you even make one? This is very important to consider since Europe is expensive. For instance, plastic bags are not free, and carts need a 1 Euro deposit at Grocery Stores.

See if your bank has any fees for overseas transactions (Bank of America does not have fees if you go to a DeutscheBank for instance, lucky me), and then go to the right banks with the cheapest rates. Check the exchange rates and then plan accordingly. I budgeted myself 100 Euro a week and it’s doing me well. Whatever I don’t spend I save for trips.

However, remember that this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity; so don’t be too cheap. Remember that there are inexpensive activities that you can do.

Like coffee with your friends. This is all of us at Cookie in The Box. I spent less than 5 Euro and we had a blast!

All pictures belong to Theresa Stromberg and may not be used outside of this blog without permission.