Just for Starters…

Hey everyone,

I’m Wyatt Gordon.  I’m a Junior here at American, but I’m one of those kids who brought in enough credit to be a sophomore, so this is actually only my second year here at AU.  I got an internship at the State Department this semester with DS/OFM.  If you get into a career with he federal government, you’ll soon learn that acronyms are everywhere.  My department is the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS), and within that department I work in the Office of Foreign Missions (OFM).  Our office’s basic job is to carry out the tit-for-tat of every day diplomacy that gets largely ignored.  We handle negotiations on the taxes and rights of diplomats and missions in regards to acquiring property, purchasing a car, traveling, getting gas, staying in a hotel, buying groceries, or even just tanning.  We’re sort of an umbrella agency that facilitates the smooth relations between foreign missions here in the U.S. and between U.S. missions overseas.

OFM Fun Fact:  OFM manages the properties abandoned by Iran after diplomatic relations were cut immediately following the toppling of the shah in ’79.  That includes the dilapidated embassy building near Observatory Circle on Mass Ave–you’ve probably noticed it if you’ve ever walked to Dupont or done Trick-or-Treating at the Embassies.