Discovery Communications: An Enabler of Creativity

My job is amazing.  Why?  Because yesterday I put together a robotic arm.  Huh?  Because I recommended that this might be a good interactive display at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in October to promote Planet Green’s launch of a new series titled Dean of Invention.  While the shows are awesome to be a part of, the fact that my “intern” opinions actually make it up the ladder is the best part about working for Discovery Communications.   It’s a large organization, but they truly respect creativity and foster it throughout the food chain; since after all, creative ideas are what enables their business to grow.  My manager, Carly Roszkowski, has been nothing but amazing to work for.  She provides excellent guidance, direction, and support, but most importantly she is eager to walk me through the intricacies of the large networks’ internal business model and external affairs.

While I have five years of practical marketing experience in the automotive industry, this internship has given me insight into the life of an enormous content provider…and REALLY COOL CONTENT for that matter.