Trial and Error

So if any of you read my post from last week where I talked about stuffing envelopes, the task continued and is finally over today! But I am not going to rant about this task in my blog post because it turned out to be not as bad as it may seem. Yes, I was  overheated from lifting heavy boxes of books and envelopes around the office, and yes, I had a few mishaps (some addresses had the city on the label twice!), but I was able to resolve them and it actually made me feel more confident afterward– in my envelope stuffing abilities and in my know-how of how to work office tools and where things are located. The whole stuffing envelopes tasks seems like such a typical intern task, and I am not trying to say that this is all I do– I also created a powerpoint for my organization to use at their annual meeting today. But I want to focus on enveloping stuffing because everything that could go wrong almost did!

First, the books that we needed to send and put in the envelopes finally came– I think a month later than they were supposed to– and thus it was a mad rush to get these books and their corresponding envelopes with letters sent out. However, I did not think ahead and realize that the letters were going to have addresses on and they would need to be put into their corresponding envelopes! So I have the 350 envelopes all ready to be stuffed with the letters and books, only to realize that I could not start yet because it was so difficult to find the letters that matched the envelopes! Frustrating to say the least, but a co-worker stepped in and saved the day and thought of alphabetizing all of the envelopes and letters so we divided and conquered and were able to get 75% of the envelopes completed on Monday.

Today, though, we faced another challenge: first, how we should mail them (usps, ups, or fed ex) and then how to get them there. We realized that “media mail” is the cheapest– something new I learned– but we also learned that we did not have enough postage slips; we were exactly 220 short! So a co-worker and I  both went to the offices above and below taken from

us to see if any of them had any extra postage slips that you feed through a machine– of course no one did! But, luckily we were able to get 132 packages out today. In the process though I ripped a few envelopes because I was trying to hurry. I have realized, and I think the others in my office have as well, that sometimes it is definetly better to pause and think about the entire process beforehand instead of diving right into a sea of disaster (well disaster may be an overstatement, but I am using it for literary effect :))

All I can say is– read the mail that you receive because most often than not an intern like me spent many hours perfecting the end product.