All About Events

Hello all, and welcome back for week two. I’m full-into my internship now, and I thought I’d share a bit about one of the aspects of Citysearch– events! I’ve now been a part of two major D.C. Citysearch events, and am getting the hang of what it’s all about. The two events that I have attended as an intern include a Vidal Sassoon event for the outgoing D.C. Citysearch “Dictators,” a program that used to reward frequent reviewers by hosting exclusive events. Citysearch is moving into a new program, called Insiders, where people who know quite a bit about a certain subject can be the expert on the subject for the site. So the Vidal Sassoon event (coincidentally my first day on the job) was the outgoing, last-shebang for the Dictators program. The Dictators and Citysearch staff headed down in a limo to the Vidal Sassoon in Tyson’s Galleria for a free blowout and makeover.

This week’s event had a slightly different purpose– networking and advertising! Citysearch hosted a “Tweet-Up” at Local 16 in the U St. area to get the word out about Citysearch. My job was to check people in– and believe me, there were a lot of them! Check off name, attach a wristband, fill out a nametag, drop a business card to enter the raffle… exciting stuff!

One thing that I have really enjoyed about my internship is the unique opportunities that I have had. Attending events that Citysearch hosts is one such opportunity. It certainly makes for a more interesting internship experience!